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Microsoft Excel 2010 Fundamentals

Information Technology

Microsoft Excel 2010 Fundamentals

Microsoft Excel is becoming a bigger part of many jobs, as people are required to use it to display and analyse data. Our Microsoft Excel 2010 Fundamentals training course will teach you the basics of this programme, including creating spreadsheets, using formatting and filtering, and also how to use basic formulae.

For our Excel training you will need a good working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and you should also be able to use a mouse and keyboard.

Please contact 0800 022 3410 to request further information about the scheduling and delivery elements for this specific programme this year.

This Microsoft Excel 2010 Fundamentals training course aims to cover:

  • Identifying the elements in the Excel menu
  • The basics of spreadsheets
  • Quick ways to enter information
  • Copying and pasting
  • Using the built-in sorting and filtering commands
  • How to format and display data 
  • Using data to make a graph
  • Using built-in functions
  • Protecting spreadsheets and cells
  • Page set-up and print preview options.
Our Microsoft Office Excel training is ideal for anyone wishing to learn important basic skills in using Microsoft Excel 2010 for the creation of spreadsheets, data manipulation and presentation.  

This Microsoft Excel 2010 Fundamentals training course gives you a thorough grounding in this software:

  • Recognising the main features of a window in Excel and an Excel workbook, as well as how to use the Help feature.
  • Manage your data using labels and values, create formulae, and find a replace a formula.
  • Move and copy data, insert and delete ranges, and work with relative and absolute references when creating and copying formulas
  • Perform calculations with your data using functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX
  • Format cells in a worksheet
  • Preview and control Page Setup options for a worksheet, and set and clear a print area
  • Create, format, modify, and print charts based on worksheet data
  • Save a worksheet as a web page, use the AutoRepublish feature, insert and edit hyperlinks in worksheets, and send a workbook via e-mail.  

Must be made in full no later than 14 working days prior to the course start date.

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